Al Marwa RayhaanRRRRR
"Great hotel to stay excellent service and was great experienced"

I was stay there for few days and absolutely confortable locations staff access and everyrhing was wonderful i love to recomend this hotel to all my frined and family with this great experience we had

Reviewed by Adventure a TripAdvisor traveler 22nd January 2020

I am satisfied with the excellent services rendered to us. Room cleanliness. I may recommend to other friends or family that wanted to find a vacation especially during performing umrah. The distance is near to Kaabah. Thanks a lot.

Reviewed by Excursion a TripAdvisor traveler 12th January 2020
"A comforting experience"

My family had a very comfortable and memorable experience staying in Al Marwa Rayhaan by Rotana -Makkah. The food very tasty and of variety to choose from. The room ambience is good and clean. The room service were fast. We will stay here whenever we have the chance to visit again.

Reviewed by Nazura a TripAdvisor traveler
Malaysia 9th January 2020
"Excellent hotel but needs some tweaking"

Need to have better food selection to cater to verity of visitors. Mainly Egyptian food is on offer, and also, meat is not good and inedible, really they need new person to cook or maybe change their meat supplies

Reviewed by Aaelchara a TripAdvisor traveler 6th January 2020
"Location strategis to Kabah"

my experient for first time to stay with this hotel and Staff restorant for breakfast discrimination , to me and my wife, your staff select the people for Malaysian is OK , for Indonesian no entrie , even I have friedmalaysian, to share during umroh Because first day I and my wife can seated that

Reviewed by Sutrisnojohan a TripAdvisor traveler 6th January 2020
"Amazing stay"

Very nice stay at rotana The hotel location is awesome and service is fantastic. Breakfast is amazing and super hygienic. Cooperation is to maximum extent. Amazing customer service. Would recommend you all to stay

Reviewed by Mbashir a TripAdvisor traveler
India 3rd January 2020

alhmdullelah, our accommodation was perfect and we are looking forward to repeat our visit and yo do Umrah again from the same hotel, in addition we are delighted to recommend your hotel to our friends and families.

Reviewed by Traveler a TripAdvisor traveler
Lebanon 3rd January 2020
"comfortable hotel"

the location very near with gate king abdul aziz, definitely will stay here again in next visit. the food for breakfast delicious, my suggestion is change the type of dish everyday because the visitor must stay there at least 5 days.

Reviewed by Nurasfiza Z a TripAdvisor traveler 1st January 2020

Loved it!! We arrived there as very tired travelers and were nicely greeted and welcomed by Adullah. Service was very efficient and friendly. Any issues we had were quickly resolved. Noah helped us a lot and made us feel very welcomed and valued.

Reviewed by Salimebrahim a TripAdvisor traveler 31st December 2019
"Good Hotel"

This is our second trip in makkah we choose the same hotel , we love this hotel and their such a good team .All of they are very to take care the customers. They are very wellcoming staff and very attentive.

Reviewed by Mdthair a TripAdvisor traveler
Indonesia 30th December 2019

Lift luas banget, banyak, gak perlu ngantri

dhani sri wardhani
25th January 2020. Source: Google

Great place to stay
Good: Great location.. very near to haram.. easy find food n shopping
Bad: Too crowded before n after shola because many hotel in same building

Nur Saudi Arabia
25th January 2020. Source:

السلام عليكم كانت التجربه غير جيده لهذا الفندق انتبهوا ي اخوان من النصب والاحتيال وتاكدوا انه فعلا مثل الحجز انا حجزت غرفتين مطله ع الحرم وجناح مطل على الكعبه ودفعت المبلغ ع اساس الحجز هذا وعند الوصول والدخول كان الجناح غير المطلوب وغير مطل ع الكعبه ولما اتصلت اشتكي قالوا حجزك كله ع الحرم مافي شي ع الكعبه ولا في دليل ع الاخ اللي حجز لي 😌 مافي ذمه ولا ضمير وطبعا ما رجعوا لي ولا ريال على اساس الحجز كله ع الحرم قالوا

وفاء محمد
25th January 2020. Source: Google

فندق جميل ونظيف ووجبات لذيذة ويطل على الحرم ويمكنك الصلاة من داخل الغرفة

Moataz Ezoo
24th January 2020. Source: Google

Good: كل شي جميل
Bad: لاشيء

عبدالله Kuwait
24th January 2020. Source:

Good: قربه للحرم
Bad: الازعاج من الغرف الجانبيه عدهم ساكنين معك بنفس الغرفه

ابو Saudi Arabia
24th January 2020. Source:

Good: Very nice hotel, with close proximity to the Holy Mosque. Very helpful staff.
Bad: Cannot fault it.

Shahadat United Kingdom
24th January 2020. Source:

Bagus. Dinlantai P11. Makanan enak, tenang, bersih. Lif suoer besar. Tidak berebut saat turun ke loby

Kuri Yanto
23rd January 2020. Source: Google

We had a pleasant and comfortable stay at the hotel.
Good: I am indeed pleased with the cleanliness of the room.

Ahmed United Arab Emirates
23rd January 2020. Source:

Good: النظافه
Bad: الاسعار

ادريس Saudi Arabia
23rd January 2020. Source:

تجربة مخيبة للامال
Good: الموقع والافطار
Bad: التاخير في تسجيل الدخول ساعة و علشان يراضوني أجلو لي تأخير الخروج ساعتين تعويض عن التأخير ولكن حل لم يعجبني وايضا تم اختيار غرفة ثلاثية بينما هي بالأصل سريرين واضافو لها سرير ثالث صغير مما جعل الغرفة ضيقة جداً

Saeed Saudi Arabia
23rd January 2020. Source:

فندق رائع وموظفين ممتازين وخلوقين يستحق ٥ نجوم فعلا

22nd January 2020. Source: Google

Bagus abis

Abdullah Kahfi
22nd January 2020. Source: Google

Very Good
Good: الموقع.
Bad: 1.لم يتم تجهيز الغرفة في الوقت المحدد للوصول 2 الإلحاح والإصرار على الخروج قبل الموعد 3 ضيق مرافق الحمام

خالد Saudi Arabia
22nd January 2020. Source:


21st January 2020. Source: Google
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