The Boulevard ArjaanRRRRR
"Memorable experience"

Variety of delicious food, excellent breakfast buffet, friendly staff and clean rooms. Location was amazing, you will never feel bored, just go down and walk in the boulevard, shop around or have a snack from any of the different places around

Reviewed by Monaremon a TripAdvisor traveler
Kuwait 4th January 2020

great and nice experience while staying in Rotana, hope to improve the cleaning services, include the breakfast, other things are almost very great, hope to repeat this experience again with all my family.

Reviewed by GoPlaces a TripAdvisor traveler 21st December 2019
"The Boulevard is a great place to stay"

The Boulevard has it all - good food, good shops and pleasant ambiance. During the holidays, the decorations are amazing and add to the experience. The rooms are comfortable and well-maintained, with great service!!

Reviewed by Stanb a TripAdvisor traveler
Oregon 19th December 2019
"Excellent service"

Excellent staff and a high level of services The location is amazing the rooms are clean and well decorated. I would recommend more security staff especially in the lobby and along the floors Thank you for you great hospitality and see you soon

Reviewed by WFMveronicad a TripAdvisor traveler 18th December 2019
"Long Term Stay"

An amazing long term stay at the Arjaan by Rotana in the Boulevard. Amazing warm staff that welcome you and makes you think twice if you should move home or not. The Boulevard is a very entertaining experience with amazing restaurant. Highly recommended for short or long term stay in Amman

Reviewed by SusanAlShawwa a TripAdvisor traveler
Jordan 17th December 2019
"Good place to be"

There for business for 9 days. V comfortable rooms. Good breakfast. Food and drink expensive. They put 10% service on the bill THEN calculate 16% tax on that. This bumps the price up. Breakfast staff, ESPECIALLY the girls make a great start to the day.

Reviewed by Boothy a TripAdvisor traveler 15th December 2019
"Nice experience"

It was a really wonderful experience. The srevice and staff were very amazing. Iy is very clean and neat. The gym is well facilitated. The cafeteria had variety of dishes. Thank you. Hope to be there again.

Reviewed by Salehalbaadani a TripAdvisor traveler 14th December 2019

I will do it again and again I like the place and the hotel and the people working there at the hotel are perfect espácialo the reception they are excellent deal with customer I really would like to come again and thank u

Reviewed by Mhmdmamadou a TripAdvisor traveler 11th December 2019
"Everything was so perfect"

Everything was so perfect, room, cleanliness, staff behaviour... definitely recommending all my friends and family looking forward to stay in your hotels in future as well Thanks for the great hospitality

Reviewed by Jaydeepnath a TripAdvisor traveler 7th December 2019

Perfect location, cleanliness, value, comfortable full equiped rooms and I hope that I will be able to be your guest again in nearest future and that I will be welcomed again in the way that ALI TOMA afforded me.

Reviewed by Njevtic a TripAdvisor traveler
Kosovo 5th December 2019

جميل والموظفين خدومين اذا بتسكن وتنبسط ولحد يقروشك عليك بهالفندق 👌

Salman البلوي
23rd January 2020. Source: Google


Ahmad Turk
21st January 2020. Source: Google

افضل فندق
Good: - الموقع ممتاز جدا في السوق نفسه كل شي تحتك مباشرة.. - تعامل الموظفين رائع جدا جدا شي خيال... و اشكر موظف الاستقبال : جهاد.. حيث كان متعاون و خدوم و أخلاق رائعة. - النظافة ممتازة جدا... - كل شي رائع... فقط السعر مبالغ فيه
Bad: الأسعار غالية جدا و مبالغ فيها.

Raed Saudi Arabia
21st January 2020. Source:

Good: موقع ممتاز بجوار مول العبدلي مطل على البوليفارد موظفين ذو اخلاق عاليه الكل منهم يريد خدمتك اشكرهم جميعا واشكر ادارة الفندق السويت فخم جدا المهم كل شي رائع
Bad: دورت شي مايعجبني ولكن لقيت كل شي معجبني

Mobark Saudi Arabia
21st January 2020. Source:

Thanks to Feras from reception
Good: Thanks to Feras from reception he was an amazing welcoming person

Nooh Saudi Arabia
20th January 2020. Source:

The place is excellent and very clean
Good: All good
Bad: Everything

Hussain United Arab Emirates
19th January 2020. Source:

Good: الموقع ونظام الغرفه ممتاز
Bad: عدم النظافه الغرفه وترتيب السرير والفوط قديمه والكنب غير نظيف

Waleed Qatar
19th January 2020. Source:

لاتتناسب مع المبلغ المدفوع
Good: مقبول
Bad: النظافه سيئه والمكان مزعج والفطور مقبول نوعا ما

Ali Saudi Arabia
19th January 2020. Source:

Good: الموقع بجانب البلوفارد
Bad: عباره عن شقق مفروشة وليست فندق لايوجد بهو واستقبال متواضع

Hafed Saudi Arabia
19th January 2020. Source:

Good: The staff are wonderful and very professional

Salman Bahrain
18th January 2020. Source:

Good: مريح نظيف هادي
Bad: عدم وجود شطاف بالحمام عدم تعاون الموظفين في بعض المواقف مما سائني جدا

حسام Saudi Arabia
16th January 2020. Source:


Amani Hamoodeh
16th January 2020. Source: Google

جميله جدا و انصح به
Good: staff جدا راىعين و متعاونين و خلوقين

Ahlam Saudi Arabia
16th January 2020. Source:


Bad: تم حجزي لشقه مكونه من غرفتين لعدد 4 اشخاص بالبوليفارد شامله الافطار واتضح لي انه لشخص واحد فقط علمناً بأن هذا الفخ لايوجد في التطبيقات الاخرى !!!؟؟؟

Khalid Saudi Arabia
15th January 2020. Source:

Good: الموظف العدواني
Bad: كل شي اعجبني عدا تعامل موظفي المطعم الاستقبال يوجد موظف واحد اثناء المغادرة علماً بأنه في بقية الاوقات يوجد اكثر من موظف .

Khalid Saudi Arabia
15th January 2020. Source:
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